Olitan develops softwares for windows , android and web applications. The aim of Olitan is to cover shortcomings of software world with intelligent and high quality software solutions with excellent support and continues development.

logo Olitan Laptop Brightness Control

Schedule the brightness of your laptop and this software automatically changes it based on that schedule. This can be specially useful for those people who have more sensetive eyes .

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logo Olitan Calculator

A scientific calculator which supports trigonometric functions and has the ability to evaluate statements with parenthesis. Olitan calculator is fast and can remmember the position and size of its window.

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logo Olitan Font Picker

How would a sentence look in different fonts installed in your system. Olitan FontPicker helps you decide on which font you should use by giving you a glimpse of all fonts in your system. This is something that can take literally an hour without this software. Use this software and you won't imagine choosing fonts without this software again.

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logo Olitan Windows Background Changer

Windows changes background automatically but, only one folder and only in few predefined intervals and nothing from internet. With Olitan BGChanger not only you can define different folders for different times of the week, but also you can choose to download pictures from internet with the search terms you specified

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logo Olitan KeyGuide

Remembering the whole keyboard layout is hard (at least at first) and looking at the keyboard to find the keys is the very opposite of what touchtyping is . In fact you will never learn touch typing if you keep looking at the keyboar. The solution is a program that shows you the the keyboard layout at the bottom of the screen(or anywhere you like) all the time and on top of every other program so won't have to look at the keyboard to find the key each time.

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