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Remembering the whole keyboard layout is hard (at least at first) and looking at the keyboard to find the keys is the very opposite of what touchtyping is . In fact you will never learn touch typing if you keep looking at the keyboar. The solution is a program that shows you the the keyboard layout at the bottom of the screen(or anywhere you like) all the time and on top of every other program so won't have to look at the keyboard to find the key each time.

Olitan KeyGuide on windows desktop

I called this program Olitan KeyGuide .The aim of this program is to learn a keyboard layout whilst not looking at the keyboard all the time.

You need this program if:

Some features are

What are the prerequisites?

A windows machine and java8 installed. That's it

download latest Java Runtime Machine

Java Runtime Machine or JRE for windows is something like .net framework. Chances are you already have it installed in your system. If you don't know what I am talking about, just download and install it.

downlad Olitan KeyGuide v1.0

Olitan KeyGuide is only around 2MB . just fill the CAPATCHA and press the download button.

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